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MySource Academy is a robust, self-paced digital learning platform designed to build your skills or take the next leap in your career. Our courses are interactive and help learners navigate through complex concepts. Each course includes lesson plans, discussions, hands-on activities, print-outs, quizzes, and more.

Peak Performance Series

Essential Everyday Ethics

The Power of One

Communication and Perception

Your Service is Showing

Management Series

Manage to Lead

Let's Get Engaged

Developing a Powerhouse Team

Adult Admissions Series

Building a Solid Foundation

Setting Appointments that Show (AD)

The Interview that Applies (AD)

Follow Up, Follow Through (AD)

High School Admissions Series

Developing a Socially Distant Lead

Setting Appointments that Show (HS)

The Interview that Applies (HS)

Follow Up, Follow Through (HS)

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Most leaders simply do not have sufficient time to develop their staff or lack the resources. Our interactive training courses are designed for new and experienced associates.

Participants can earn certificates of completion as well as a digital badge that can be shared on professional networks to show their enhanced skillset.

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Trusted by some awesome clients

"over a 20% increase in starts"

I have known Nancy Rogers & Paul Gordon since 1994. They came in and revamped our admissions process resulting in over a 20% increase in starts. 

I highly recommend Source for Training for any college looking to boost starts. 


"I found the content very practical"

Whether you're an Admissions Manager or Admissions Representative, these courses will revamp your way of thinking & inspire you to become more! 

The Source for Training shows how attitude, compassion & value can take you to new levels in your career. Built from Nancy & Paul's experience, I found the content very practical. 

The modules will leave you excited for what you do with proven skills that can change your career forever! As the higher education industry continues to change, Source for Training is leading the way with their expertise & true passion for what they do! 


"a timeless & practical approach"

I started my career as an Admissions Representative over 27 years ago & was fortunate early in my career to be trained by Nancy Rogers. Nancy's timeless and practical approach to admissions covers all aspects of the admissions funnel. 

Her surgical & strategic methods to admissions & marketing are timeless & well-tested. These methods are not only for new Representatives but for any person, department or school group looking to gain a critical advantage & help people become better through education. 


"a life-long partner"

I was introduced to Nancy as a colleague in the early 1980's. Nancy & I have remained connected for well over three decades & share a continued long-term passion for proprietary education. Words are not yet defined to adequately express my gratitude to Nancy for the personal impact she has had on me & countless other professionals who have been fortunate enough to be trained, assisted & mentored by her... 

If you desire a long-term relationship with a team that will genuinely guide you to greater strengths, you can rest assured you have formed a life-long partner. 


"a legend in the training field"

Nancy Rogers is a legend in her training field. She & Paul Gordon conduct excellent trainings nationwide and their clients always get great results! 


"knowledge & dedication to staff is like no other"

Nancy's passion for admissions is clear as soon as she speaks. Her knowledge & dedication to staff is like no other. 

Staff relates & respects her experience & that is key! 

I highly recommend Nancy! 


"achieve unparalleled admissions conversion success"

Nancy Rogers & Source for Training are the ultimate admissions training pros. Nancy has helped many of my clients achieve unparalleled admissions conversion success over many years. 

If you want proven success strategies & an unwavering commitment to your success, talk to Nancy. 


"fresh, new solutions & ideas"

After all these years of training, I believe admissions pros sometimes become complacent & feel there is nothing new to learn. Nancy always flips the switch on that theory! 

I am so elated that Nancy continues to bring fresh, new solutions & ideas to consistently improve our process & delivery. 

Nancy's training is always refreshing & uplifting as a industry professional & my hat's off to you as you help us all to improve. I would recommend that all admissions & industry peeps participate in her training series!