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There is a genuine need for institutions that offer quality career education in an atmosphere with personalized attention. This is where our schools have a unique niche and shine among all other traditional schools. We recognize that each student is considered an individual with personal needs, wants, and goals. We address these things by providing a career-oriented, hands-on, and student-centered approach to our program offerings and services.

Our students are attracted to our accelerated programs that support flexible schedules with the convenience of ground, online, and hybrid offerings. These features are particularly appealing to our students who have additional responsibilities such as work or families.  

With all of this being said, it all starts with the basics… understanding our role, our goals, the expectations, and the foundational cornerstones. This course is an absolute necessity to be maximally successful in admissions.


What’s included:

  • Building Blocks: Honesty & Integrity
  • Traditional vs Specialized Education
  • You Are Who You Think You Are
  • Are your Goals S.M.A.R.T.?
  • Time Management: An Organized Approach to Success


  • 1

    Building a Solid Foundation

    • Navigating the Module

    • Pre-Learning Survey

    • Introduction and Learning Objectives

  • 2

    The FOUR Pillars

    • Foundational Cornerstones

  • 3

    Traditional vs. Specialized Education

    • Public or Private? That is the Question

    • Quiz #1

  • 4

    Understanding Your Role

    • Begin with the Basics

    • Commonly Asked Questions

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    • Time Management

    • Quiz #2

  • 5

    Final Thoughts

    • Never Compromise

    • Post-Learning Survey

Trusted by some awesome clients

I have known Nancy Rogers & Paul Gordon since 1994. They came in and revamped our admissions process resulting in over a 20% increase in starts. 

I highly recommend Source for Training for any college looking to boost starts. 


"over a 20% increase in starts"

Whether you're an Admissions Manager or Admissions Representative, these courses will revamp your way of thinking & inspire you to become more! 

The Source for Training shows how attitude, compassion & value can take you to new levels in your career. Built from Nancy & Paul's experience, I found the content very practical. 

The modules will leave you excited for what you do with proven skills that can change your career forever! As the higher education industry continues to change, Source for Training is leading the way with their expertise & true passion for what they do! 


"I found the content very practical"

I started my career as an Admissions Representative over 27 years ago & was fortunate early in my career to be trained by Nancy Rogers. Nancy's timeless and practical approach to admissions covers all aspects of the admissions funnel. 

Her surgical & strategic methods to admissions & marketing are timeless & well-tested. These methods are not only for new Representatives but for any person, department or school group looking to gain a critical advantage & help people become better through education. 


"a timeless & practical approach"



Each student is required to complete all chapters and lessons within the module and score a minimum of 80% on quizzes. Once done, students will become Source Certified and earn a Certificate of Recognition which is downloadable directly from the module.

Students will have access to their course for two calendar weeks from the date of enrollment. If a week passes without activity, an automatic reminder will be emailed to you. It typically takes less than one hour to complete.

No. Each lesson/chapter must be completed in succession in order to move on to the next. This is primarily because the information and concepts are tiered for optimal learning and comprehension.